What Clients Say

“We’ve consistently been pleased and impressed with Bazzirk’s responsiveness and attention to detail in relation to supporting their offerings within the channel programs we manage. The Bazzirk team clearly understands the needs of the participating partners, and feedback from the partners bears this out. Bazzirk PWR Tools campaigns have been and continue to be a popular and key part of our solutions.”

“The programs we’ve run with Bazzirk over the past six years have always proven to yield strong, measurable ROI. These campaigns are a primary component in our demand generation strategy and often gain us entrance into new accounts and geographies where we’ve historically struggled. The campaigns Bazzirk designs are unique, impactful, and very meaningful to our business. We will continue to invest and enjoy working with this forward-thinking agency.”

“The Bazzirk PWRplay campaign was a very successful marketing strategy for our company. It gave us the opportunity to get in front of the right contacts at the right size companies. From our meetings set by the Bazzirk campaign, we have seen a tremendous growth in our pipeline for the rest of the year.”

“The Bazzirk PWR System is the most effective marketing strategy my company has ever tried. As soon as the campaign launched, we had meetings set up with exactly the kind of accounts we want for IBM PureSystems. This took very little effort on our part beyond providing the information the people at Bazzirk requested.”

“Over the past two years I’ve partnered with Bazzirk on several successful dimensional mail campaigns. We’ve enjoyed over 40% response rate with each program. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s a real number illustrating the impact we’ve had with these initiatives, many times finally getting face-to-face appointments with accounts that have been hard to crack for a long time.

Know that when you work with Bazzirk, the extensive, professional support you get from your account executive makes your job easy. My experience has been that each AE is more than capable of handling the day-to-day campaign issues, so that you can focus your time elsewhere. I can recommend Bazzirk without hesitation.”

“Bazzirk’s marketing strategies and demand generation campaigns are a mainstay of HP’s partner marketing. They have produced consistently excellent results over a very long period of time.”

“Bazzirk is all about bottom-line results. They provide turnkey management of our global channel marketing programs and relationships, and we at EMC have a deep appreciation for their professionalism, creative genius, honesty, and integrity.”

“I want to personally thank you for your quality work, patience, and flexibility during the development of our global partner recruiting campaign. The highly effective recruiting tools you created have been universally praised. You guys have been a pleasure to work with and you have delivered superior results.”

“Our reps tell us the Bazzirk campaigns put them into accounts they’ve always wanted.”

“Bazzirk identifies qualified accounts, designs and runs an exceptional campaign, and puts appointments with decision makers on our reps’ calendars. We tested the campaign in a regional pilot and then rolled it out nationwide. We loved the way it worked.”

“We have conducted four campaigns to date and are initiating another one. Our best response rate was 60% and our worst was 30%. These are great percentages for marketing campaigns! I’ve very much enjoyed working with Bazzirk’s team.”

“We have been extremely pleased with the response! We are now working with several companies where we couldn’t get in the door before. The campaign really touches a nerve and allows us to get higher level contacts as well!”

“Bazzirk designed a dynamite partner marketing system for us and runs it worldwide on a turnkey basis. It’s always a pleasure to deal with them. They’re reliable, responsive, and best of all effective: our partners are averaging response rates over 40% and ROI of 168:1 with their demand generation system.”

“Bazzirk is by far the best agency I’ve ever worked with. They are highly responsive and consistently exceed my expectations with creative and effective business building programs, and with their account service.”

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Automate your entire marketing strategy.

Bazzirk PWR Integrator™ combines all your marketing tactics into an integrated system to drive demand and sales, score and nurture leads, and report results. Here are the highlights:

  • Employs all sources of marketing funds in a strategic system to drive demand and sales
  • Combines all tactics—inbound and outbound—into a unified system
  • Scores and nurtures leads; assures follow-up on prime leads
  • Accurately measures response and ROI
  • Provides automated management of marketing; sales force focuses on selling
  • Includes content and message development for all tactics
  • Features quarterly consultation on strategy, interface with channel managers
PWR Integrator
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